My name is Aman Pawar and I am the founder of BE HEALTHY BE FIT(

I’m a 20-year-old part-time Fitness blogger who loves to do blogging and share knowledge with others.

I am passionate about sharing my all learnings and experiences of Health, Fitness, Mental Health, and Private Life tips to my readers and every other person who wants to learn something or want information.

And by the way, I am also a Professional National Level Badminton Player and Student Olympic Youth Festival Sliver Medalist.

Being in the Fitness Industry, I am also a Digital Marketer, and as you know, I love to share my knowledge with people.
First, I thought of creating a video course, but, nowadays we only watch video courses for max to max of one week and, that’s when I realized I need to do something else and, from that day I spend almost all my time creating these AMAZING E-Books.
Once your E-book is downloaded to your mobile/laptop, you don’t need an internet connection to learn from them. I have all my knowledge and other Experts creating these AMAZING E-books.